Mick McCarthy keeping his feet on the ground

26 03 2010

Wolves have taken seven points from their last three games.

Wolves manager Mick McCarthy has today insisted that he and the players were keeping things in perspective despite Wolves’ 3-1 at West Ham on Tuesday.

McCarthy hopes all the fans were jubiliant after Tuesday night but wants everyone to stay calm.

He said: “I hope the fans were celebrating the result and nothing else, because how quickly could it turn around? If Hull and Burnley win two games and we don’t get anything out of tomorrow and then go down to Arsenal, it could be so different. It’s dangerous ground that, because this is another game.

“We’re not getting carried away – do people think we’re quaffing champagne and smoking cigars? Do me a favour. Everyone is blowing smoke up our rears at the moment. Once you start feeling like that outwardly, that’s when you get a slap. We could get our backsides kicked against Everton, because the Premier League is like that.

“You can get results through style, but we’ve done it with hard work and if you get ahead that way in a game where the other team is suffering and the fans are giving them stick, you get that bit of confidence to pass it. But you have to earn the right to do that. We’ll have to work twice as hard against Everton and then Arsenal.

“If you start off tomorrow like we did for periods against West Ham when we played with a bit of style we’ll get slapped. If we start off doing all the negative, horrible jobs properly such as beating them up, winning the fight, being in their half and in their faces, turning them around, putting them under pressure, being solid, not giving anything away, we can get a foothold in the game. But don’t start thinking we’re going out to play football otherwise we’ll get turned over.”

My verdict: MM is right. We all need to stay calm until it’s mathematically impossible for us to go down. I still think we will stay up but we’ve just got to keep going and picking up points. Up the Wolves!



One response

26 03 2010

Good job Mick is keeping his feet on the ground. His size 13s provide good balance for his hooter.

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