HIGHLIGHTS: Mouyokolo goal videos

18 06 2010

Here’s Mouyokolo’s goal against Chelsea this season. A towering header from a corner.

Here’s Mouyokolo scoring for Boulogne in the French cup.


Live coverage: Central Masters

31 05 2010

Wolves – Derek Dudley, Mark Burke, Scott Taylor, Mick Gooding, Michael Gilkes, David Kelly, Phil Robinson & Andy Thompson.

Forest – Darren Heyes, Nigel Jemson, Jason Lee, Bryan Roy, Justin Walker, Steve Chettle, Eion Jess & Paul Evans.

Notts County – Kevin Pilkington, Steve Jenkins, Alan Paris, Andy Legg, Shaun Murray, Ian Barraclough, Ian Richardson & Gary Martindale.

Derby – Kevin Poole, Dean Sturridge, Phil Gee, Inigo Indiakez, Darren Wassall, Marc Edworthy, Craig Ramage & Shane Nicholson.

Leicester – Dale Belford, Ally Mauchlen, Paul Groves, David Oldfield, Lee Philpott, Muzzy Izzett, Julian Joachim & Jamie Lawrence.

West Brom – Russell Hoult, Don Goodman, Roy Hunter, Carl Heggs, Darryl Burgess, Ian Hamilton, Lee Ashcroft & Bob Taylor.

Referees: Jeff Winter/Dermot Gallagher

5.56: Minutes away from kick-off in Nottingham

6.02: Wolves have been put in a group with West Brom and Leicester. Needless to say Derby and the two Nottingham taems are in the other group.

6.05: Fixtures/Results:

Notts C 4-3 Derby

West Brom 2-3 Leicester

Derby vs Forest

West Brom vs Wolves

Forest vs Notts C

Wolves vs Leicester

6.07: GOAL Notts C 0-1 Derby

6.10: GOAL Notts C 1-1 Derby

6.12: GOAL Notts C 2-1 Derby

6.13: GOAL Notts C 2-2 Derby

6.17: GOAL Notts C 2-3 Derby

6.18: GOAL Notts C 3-3 Derby

6.20: GOAL Notts C 4-3 Derby

6.23: FT Notts C 4-3 Derby

6:30 West Brom vs Leicester underway…

6:33 WBA 0-1 Leicester (Jamie Lawrence)

6:33 WBA 1-1 Leicester (Darryl Burgess)

6:42 WBA 2-1 Leicester (Don Goodman)

6:43 WBA 2-2 Leicester (David Oldfield)

6:33 WBA 2-3 Leicester (David Oldfield)

6:48 FT WBA 2-3 Leicester

6:48 So now it’s Forest vs Derby followed by Wolves vs WBA

6:54 Derby vs Forest underway and Derby take the lead through Michael Johnson.

6.55 Derby 1-1 Forest

7.02 Derby 2-1 Forest

7.06 Derby 2-2 Forest

7.15 Here we go. The big one. WBA vs Wolves is underway

7.23 HT 0-0

7.28 GOOOOOOAAAAAALLLLLLLLLL!!! WBA 0-1 Wolves (Michael Gilkes)

7.29 Game over. WBA 0-2 Wolves (Ned Kelly)

7.31 WBA 1-2 Wolves (Don Goodman)

7.34 FT WBA 1-2 Wolves

7.35 Fixtures are now that whoever wins out of the two Nottingham teams will play the winners of Wolves vs Leicester in the final.

8.03 Sorry. A technical error at Wolvesffs meant I was unable to bring updates of the Forest game. Forest went through to the final after beating Notts C.

8.08 Goal! Wolves 1-0 Leicester. Normal service resumed at Wolvesffs. Mark Burke gives Wolves a slender advantage.

8.10 Very unlucky. Right on the stroke of half-time David Oldfield equalises for Leicester after rebounding off the edge of the pitch 1-1.

8.18 Mark Burke scores his second goal of the game from an acute angle. Wolves 2-1 Leicester.

8.19 Game over! Andy Thompson scores to seal Wolves’ place in the final.

8.21 Full time. Wolves 3-1 Leicester.

8.22 The final will be Wolves vs Forest. KO in a few minutes.

8.30 Here we go. The Central Masters final. Come on you Wolvessssssssssssssssssssssssss.

8.34 Goal for Wolves. Scotty Taylor with the goal. Wolves 1-0 Forest.

8.35 Derek Dudley beaten by a screamer from Paul Evans. 1-1.

8.35 Evans again 1-2 😦

8.38 A tap-in for Phil Robinson equals the score. 2-2.

8.41 Ned Kelly with the goal. Wolves are ahead again 3-2!!

8.42 Bryan Roy 3-3 😦

8.43 Paul Evans bags his hat-trick. Three screamers for him 3-4.

8.44 Mick Gooding with another equaliser for Wolves. 4-4.

8.45 My journalism colleague Jason Lee skies one. Wheyyyy!

8.46 Nightmare for Wolves. A mistake is capitalised on by Nigel Jemson who slots home. 4-5.

8.50 4-6 and it’s all over 😦 Forest are champions.

Wolves 2-1 Sunderland: HIGHLIGHTS

10 05 2010

Here’s the highlights from yesterday’s 2-1 win over Sunderland.

New Carlsberg advert features Wolves flag

9 05 2010

Saw the new Carlsberg advert that will probably go out during the World Cup today. At around 31 seconds there’s a Wolverhampton flag in the background. Maybe one of the top dogs at Carlsberg is connected with Wolves? Not much to do with Wolves but a great ad none the less.

Good luck to Mick and the boys later today.

Wolves vs. Sunderland: 1995/1996 – Highlights

7 05 2010

In the second part to this week’s build up to the Sunderland game, here are the highlights from when Wolves entertained Sunderland in the 95/96 season.

Wolves vs. Sunderland: 1991/1992 – Highlights

4 05 2010

In the build up to this weekend’s game with Sunderland, I bring you a classic encounter from nearly twenty years ago.

Portsmouth 3-1 Wolves: Highlights

2 05 2010

Highlights from Saturday’s 3-1 defeat to Portsmouth at Fratton Park.