Forest beat Wolves 6-4 to win the Central Masters

31 05 2010

Forest's captain Nigel Jemson lifts the Masters trophy.

Goals from Scott Taylor, Phil Robinson, Mick Gooding and Ned Kelly were not enough as Forest hit six to win the Central Masters title at the Nottingham Trent Arena.

Wolves beat West Brom and Leicester on the way to the final but looked leggy late on after having to play their final two games back to back.

The defeat was only Wolves’ ninth in their previous 40 Masters games.

Here is Wolves’ record for the evening.

WBA 1-2 Wolves (Gilkes, Kelly)

Wolves 3-1 Leicester (Burke 2, Thompson)

Forest 6-4 Wolves (Taylor, Robinson, Gooding, Kelly) 

*Phil Robinson won the player of the tournament award.

Forest's Paul Evans hit a stunning hat-trick in the final.


Live coverage: Central Masters

31 05 2010

Wolves – Derek Dudley, Mark Burke, Scott Taylor, Mick Gooding, Michael Gilkes, David Kelly, Phil Robinson & Andy Thompson.

Forest – Darren Heyes, Nigel Jemson, Jason Lee, Bryan Roy, Justin Walker, Steve Chettle, Eion Jess & Paul Evans.

Notts County – Kevin Pilkington, Steve Jenkins, Alan Paris, Andy Legg, Shaun Murray, Ian Barraclough, Ian Richardson & Gary Martindale.

Derby – Kevin Poole, Dean Sturridge, Phil Gee, Inigo Indiakez, Darren Wassall, Marc Edworthy, Craig Ramage & Shane Nicholson.

Leicester – Dale Belford, Ally Mauchlen, Paul Groves, David Oldfield, Lee Philpott, Muzzy Izzett, Julian Joachim & Jamie Lawrence.

West Brom – Russell Hoult, Don Goodman, Roy Hunter, Carl Heggs, Darryl Burgess, Ian Hamilton, Lee Ashcroft & Bob Taylor.

Referees: Jeff Winter/Dermot Gallagher

5.56: Minutes away from kick-off in Nottingham

6.02: Wolves have been put in a group with West Brom and Leicester. Needless to say Derby and the two Nottingham taems are in the other group.

6.05: Fixtures/Results:

Notts C 4-3 Derby

West Brom 2-3 Leicester

Derby vs Forest

West Brom vs Wolves

Forest vs Notts C

Wolves vs Leicester

6.07: GOAL Notts C 0-1 Derby

6.10: GOAL Notts C 1-1 Derby

6.12: GOAL Notts C 2-1 Derby

6.13: GOAL Notts C 2-2 Derby

6.17: GOAL Notts C 2-3 Derby

6.18: GOAL Notts C 3-3 Derby

6.20: GOAL Notts C 4-3 Derby

6.23: FT Notts C 4-3 Derby

6:30 West Brom vs Leicester underway…

6:33 WBA 0-1 Leicester (Jamie Lawrence)

6:33 WBA 1-1 Leicester (Darryl Burgess)

6:42 WBA 2-1 Leicester (Don Goodman)

6:43 WBA 2-2 Leicester (David Oldfield)

6:33 WBA 2-3 Leicester (David Oldfield)

6:48 FT WBA 2-3 Leicester

6:48 So now it’s Forest vs Derby followed by Wolves vs WBA

6:54 Derby vs Forest underway and Derby take the lead through Michael Johnson.

6.55 Derby 1-1 Forest

7.02 Derby 2-1 Forest

7.06 Derby 2-2 Forest

7.15 Here we go. The big one. WBA vs Wolves is underway

7.23 HT 0-0

7.28 GOOOOOOAAAAAALLLLLLLLLL!!! WBA 0-1 Wolves (Michael Gilkes)

7.29 Game over. WBA 0-2 Wolves (Ned Kelly)

7.31 WBA 1-2 Wolves (Don Goodman)

7.34 FT WBA 1-2 Wolves

7.35 Fixtures are now that whoever wins out of the two Nottingham teams will play the winners of Wolves vs Leicester in the final.

8.03 Sorry. A technical error at Wolvesffs meant I was unable to bring updates of the Forest game. Forest went through to the final after beating Notts C.

8.08 Goal! Wolves 1-0 Leicester. Normal service resumed at Wolvesffs. Mark Burke gives Wolves a slender advantage.

8.10 Very unlucky. Right on the stroke of half-time David Oldfield equalises for Leicester after rebounding off the edge of the pitch 1-1.

8.18 Mark Burke scores his second goal of the game from an acute angle. Wolves 2-1 Leicester.

8.19 Game over! Andy Thompson scores to seal Wolves’ place in the final.

8.21 Full time. Wolves 3-1 Leicester.

8.22 The final will be Wolves vs Forest. KO in a few minutes.

8.30 Here we go. The Central Masters final. Come on you Wolvessssssssssssssssssssssssss.

8.34 Goal for Wolves. Scotty Taylor with the goal. Wolves 1-0 Forest.

8.35 Derek Dudley beaten by a screamer from Paul Evans. 1-1.

8.35 Evans again 1-2 😦

8.38 A tap-in for Phil Robinson equals the score. 2-2.

8.41 Ned Kelly with the goal. Wolves are ahead again 3-2!!

8.42 Bryan Roy 3-3 😦

8.43 Paul Evans bags his hat-trick. Three screamers for him 3-4.

8.44 Mick Gooding with another equaliser for Wolves. 4-4.

8.45 My journalism colleague Jason Lee skies one. Wheyyyy!

8.46 Nightmare for Wolves. A mistake is capitalised on by Nigel Jemson who slots home. 4-5.

8.50 4-6 and it’s all over 😦 Forest are champions.

Forest target Surman loan signing

11 03 2010


Forest are third in the Championship following their promotion from League 1 two years ago.

Nottingham Forest have identified Wolves midfielder Andrew Surman as a potential loan signing to aid them in their bid for promotion to the Premier League. 

Express and Star sources reckon that Forest gaffer Billy Davies is a long term admirer of 22-year-old Surman and the Scot is looking to reinforce his squad following the injury to captain Paul McKenna.Wolves bought Surman for an undisclosed fee believed to be around £1.2million last summer but has made only three starts thus far this season.Nothing seems iminent though as Surman was pictured training with his team mates at Compton today.

My Verdict: Mick McCarthy would be foolish to let Surman go at this stage in the season. What if we picked up a couple of injuries or suspensions ourselves and it left us short? Hold on to him Mick.